Flood Preparedness Information

The documents provided contain very important information that will assist you in preparing for high water. The information has been provided by the Louisiana State University (LSU) Ag Center in individual documents as well as a cohesive packet containing all of the documents as one; a valuable resource for your use.

Disaster Wallet Card

If an evacuation or other emergency separates family and friends, you’ll want to find each other. Fill out a Disaster Wallet Card (PDF) for each close friend and relative. Carry it with you wherever you go.

Flood Preparations & Precautions

LSU Storm Recovery Guide

This guide includes information specific but not limited to:
  • Financial recovery
  • Lawn and garden losses
  • Restoring storm-damaged buildings
  • Risk management
  • Salvaging water-damaged Belongings
  • Staying healthy
  • Surviving/recovering a power outage

View the Storm Recovery Guide (PDF)