Code Red Emergency Notification Enrollment

 Assumption Parish Permit Office
105 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Napoleonville, LA 70390


 Phone: (985) 369-7386

 The permit office is located in the same building as the Assumption Office of Emergency Preparedness, directly behind the Parish Administration Office. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. The information below can be downloaded and viewed with Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader, please click here.




     Frequently Asked Permitting Questions  

1.       Why do I need a permit?
State laws and local ordinances require you to have a permit for ANY construction project. These laws are designed to protect public safety and welfare by ensuring a project does not endanger you or the public.

2.       What happens if I go ahead and build without a permit?
There is a strong possibility that utility companies will refuse to provide electric or gas service to your structure. Also, we will not issue a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance for your structure. Both of these documents are important when acquiring proper insurance coverage.

3.       I’ve worked on construction projects for a long time. I’m not an amateur and there has never been a problem with my work. Why do I still have to get a permit?
A permit provides proof to a buyer, insurance company, or anyone that your structure is building code compliant by way of an independent inspection process. If someone does not know your reputation or simply does not want to take your word for it, you have a way to prove you have followed all building codes in your construction projects. In addition to this, it is required by law.

4.       With all the construction going on in my jurisdiction, how would I get caught if I don’t get a permit?
Our Inspectors, along with other parish inspectors, cover every inch of their jurisdiction at some point in a typical week. Inspectors are generally assigned to specific areas, and are familiar with construction in their area. They will notice your structure and become suspicious when they are not called to your construction project for an inspection. We also work on citizen’s complaints.

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Inspection Questions

1.       When should I call for an inspection?
Your approved set of plans will have an attached cover letter. That cover letter is customized for your job site and lists, in detail, exactly when you should call for inspections. It also lists helpful phone numbers to call if you have any questions. If you have misplaced your plans and cover letter, you can download a copy from the customer portal at Keep in mind it is required that you keep a copy of the cover letter and approved set of plans on the job site at all times.

2.       What happens if I fail an inspection?
You will receive a failed inspection report with a list of items not in compliance. You job is not stopped or halted in anyway, simply fix the necessary items not in compliance and have it re-inspected. Do not just “cover up” the items that need to be corrected until they are re-inspected. Any portion of your project not affected by the failed report can continue.

3.       What do I need before I call for an inspection?
Please have your permit number, the address of your construction project, and a contact name and number for our inspector to reach you. You can find it on your permit or you can search for it using the customer portal.

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